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Expat Service

India is the most sought after destination for the expansion of a company / company set up. Employees who move from their homeland to work in India face a humongous problem in settling in a country alien to them. Their challenge is not just in adjusting to a new culture and language but more importantly in managing the logistics of following FRRO regularities, finding a suitable home, transport and other domestic requirements.

This is where ACZ Global steps in. We play the crucial and sensitive role of ensuring that living in India is a truly enjoyable experience for foreigners who reside here or come to work temporarily.

ACZ Global provides:

Relocation Services

Relocation is an important part of a business. ACZ Global addresses the complex procedures of relocation with the help of an experienced team.

Orientation Programme

Organizing Customized programs designed to familiarize clients with the new place viz a viz culture and facilities.

Home Search

Helping clients find their perfect home guiding through the entire process from finalizing property to inspection to lease negotiations and registration.

Settling In Services

Aiding the Client in understanding the new city, utility set-up, recreation facility memberships, school admissions, domestic help etc.

Imigration Services

Along with the exhilaration of change, sometimes immigration to a new country can be a little bit daunting, filled with several challenges. Immigration laws and regulations are often complex and difficult for migrants to understand. Our job at ACZ Global is to help the clients to navigate through complexities of visa and immigration by providing an effective and time efficient solution for it. Our immigration experts and consultants, having enormous experience in the immigration field are sure to steer you in the right direction.

We offer the following services under the immigration services