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HR Solutions

ACZ Global pvt ltd (earlier known as Alpha Consultantz) recognizes that the most VALUABLE ASSET of any business establishment is their Human Resources. Identifying the right talent is the most critical challenge for any company.

ACZ Global pvt ltd also specialize in the areas of recruitment (RPO) and on-site manpower deployment. Our services have created opportunities to our clients in saving on recruitment time and costs associated with it.

Through our RPO, you can access top-quality candidates and take your recruiting strategy to the next level by streamlining your company’s staffing and screening processes. Eliminate wasted time looking at resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates. Significantly reduce the amount of time hiring managers spend with candidates by leveraging ACZ’s industry knowledge, domain experience and effective pre-screening capabilities.

Developing human resources is a continuous and growing need for Corporates – to bridge the gaps in the career and growth path. We provide the right talent doing the right things, the right way, at the right time. Our teams of experts are not just “Consultants”, but subject matter experts too.

We are Recruitment Partners to the clients from the following industries

Human Resources Outsourcing

At ACZ Global, we also offer on-site provisioning of outsourced functions related field, on contract as well as designing the systems and processes for start-ups with respect to Human Resources Management.